Future-proofed buildings that help deliver higher yields and lower lifetime operating costs. QuadCoreTM insulation technology is now available across the Architectural Wall, Trapezoidal Roof & Wall ranges, offering the complete QuadCoreTM envelope soiution. Kingspan’s QuadCoreTM envelope brings you all the advantages of a Kingspan factory engineered system (significantly faster build speed, reduced time working at height, lifetime insulation continuity and consistent build quality) plus the additional performance of QuadCoreTM Technology.

Fire Safe Wall and ceiling system suitable for all types of building below 0C temperature. Trapezoidal form roof system a standard for all building application.

The roof & Wall panel system offers exceptional thermal insulation and fire resistance, suitable for various construction needs. It is eco-friendly, durable, and adaptable, aligning with modern sustainable building practices and ensuring efficient, safe building designs.

The facade sandwich panel system features excellent thermal insulation and wind resistance, suitable for various building types. Available in multiple thicknesses, it offers easy installation, fire resistance, and eco-friendly properties, ideal for enhancing facades with efficiency and aesthetic appeal.