At FTC, we’re proposing a wide range of refrigeration technologies that will help companies to comply with emerging regulations, meet their sustainability objectives, and choose a path forward that aligns with their long-term operational preferences. Providing insights on alternative Low-GWP refrigerants is one of the ways FTC Group is helping companies meet their goals.

FTC has always recognized the importance of sustainable development and has applied this principle to its entire manufacturing chain. Its focus on the environment is an intrinsic part of its business and an ongoing daily commitment, allowing it to look to the future of our planet with confidence. The CAREL Group’s sustainability policy blends environmental needs, in accordance with local and international regulations, with its system of values and responsibilities. CAREL’s commitment is translated into compliance with standards and regulations by all its sites, in line with the relevant actions and best practices.

An unmatched Health & Wellness Certification. It’s about the human environment, not just the built environment. QuadCore Technology is paving the way as the only insulated metal panel core in North America to achieve a trusted range of health & wellness certifications (EPD and Greencard)